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›› I just left a $20 PayPal donation for your site. I use it a lot, and it is super handy. THANK YOU for this great online tool!

›› This is such a neat little webgadget!  Thanks!

›› I really like your alphabetizer!

›› Your site is wicked awsome! but for a suggestion i'd say you need to advertive a little bit more, every kid in grade school will use this site!

›› That is spot on! You have just saved me a great deal of time. Many thanks, keep up the good work!

›› You guys are great!

›› THANKS for this program, you saved me some time.. great work!

›› I love this website it is the best.  I recomend it to all my friends. I use every time I need to alphabetize something.

›› Your site has helped me extremely well. i had typed up a long list and i decided to put it in alphabetical order and i thought i was never going to be able to do it, i looked everywhere on the net and scowered every search engine, then i found your site. it was GREAT!!! I just copied and pasted and voila! it took 2 seconds. thankyou sooooooo much for this site and keep up the fantastic work.

›› I love this website it helps me alot!

›› I love all of the options!

›› Hi, my name is kayla and im 10 i just wanted to thank yall for helping me with my homework.

›› I like this i think this is so fun and it helps me with my homework

›› I love this website! Keep up the good work!

›› Hi sorry this is not a suggestion but a massive thank you, am a law student and sorting out hundreds of case in a››z order for my bibliography use to take hours, being a student don't have money to donate but if law degree goes well will sure do but in the meantime content myself with clicking on the adverts. thank you.

›› I always use this website for homework I like this website so cool thank you :)

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›› This isn't a suggestion, but I have to say thank you! Whoever made this up is awesome!

›› i love this i am a teacher and this makes this so much easier than doing it my self

›› the site is really good i give it a ***** stars

›› i love your alphbetizer its really help me with my homework that i have to put in ABC order thank and always see me in this website every moday through friday my teacher also think your awsome she gets on this website tooo love this website cuz a got a good grade on my homework on my repot card and i also got A and B honor roll thx

›› This is not a suggestion but a compliment. I have been using the alphabetizer almost daily for some time now and I can't express how helpful it is to use. Thank you so much for developing this site. Keep up the good work.

›› make a free app! [Isn't that what this is?]

›› i love the website it is the best i cant wait to see how the next update is going to change this

›› this site is really cool

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