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Phonetic Alphabet

The NATO phonetic alphabet, a.k.a. the International Radiotelephony Spelling Alphabet, is the most commonly used radiotelephone spelling alphabet. Although they are sometimes called "phonetic alphabets", spelling alphabets are unrelated to phonetic transcription systems like the International Phonetic Alphabet.

Below is the NATO phonetic alphabet, in alphabetical order.
  • Alpha
  • Bravo
  • Charlie
  • Delta
  • Echo
  • Foxtrot
  • Golf
  • Hotel
  • India
  • Juliett
  • Kilo
  • Lima
  • Mike
  • November
  • Oscar
  • Papa
  • Quebec
  • Romeo
  • Sierra
  • Tango
  • Uniform
  • Victor
  • Whiskey
  • Xray
  • Yankee
  • Zulu


The NATO phonetic alphabet is important for every pilot, miltary official in the navy, army, air force or marines, or for anyone looking to communicate clearly over that staticy hissy radio. Breaker breaker, what's your twenty?

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