Alphabetizing a List Is Easy With The Alphabetizer

Sorting in Microsoft Excel

How to sort a list alphabetically in Excel

If you're manually sorting your data in Microsoft Excel, you're wasting your time! The whole point of spreadsheets is to make data sorting easy and quick.

Here's the easy way:

  1. Create the list you want alphabetized in Excel: Alphabetize in Excel - Create Your List
  2. Select your list, click on Sort & Filter, then choose Sort A to Z. Alphabetize in Excel - Click Sort & Filter
  3. Behold your fully alphabetized list in Excel!Alphabetize in Excel - View your Alphabetized List

Here's a more detailed explanation on how to sort text in Microsoft Excel:

First, determine whether you want the sort to apply to all your columns in the Worksheet, or if you just want to sort a single column.

To alphabetically sort all your columns by one column:
  1. Select the range of cells you would like to sort.
  2. On the Data tab, in the Sort & Filter group on the ribbon, choose one of the following:
    • To sort in ascending alphanumeric order, click Sort A to Z (the a-z command)
    • To sort in descending alphanumeric order, click Sort Z to A. (the z-a command)
  3. If you have more than one column of data, you will see the sort warning ""Microsoft Excel found data next to your selection." If you wish to sort all columns in your worksheet according to the selected column, choose "Expand the selection." If you want to sort only the selected column, choose "Continue with the current selection."
  4. Your data is now sorted!

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