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›› make a free app! [Isn't that what this is?]

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›› Do you have software that represents each sentence from text in alphabetical order? Do you have software that creates sentences from words in alphabetical ascendant order?

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›› I think You should do more than just the alphabet maybe you could be a dictionary as well!!!

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›› I think (for me, in my opinion, of course) that it would make alphabetizer.flap.tv easier if you could add a text to speech thingamajig. You know, those things where you just have to talk into the computer and it types for you, is that possible? It would make doing my homework soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much easier!

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›› Greetings I recently found your website and what a lifesaver it was, I was trying (in Vain) to alphabetize a list with all the word and notepad apps at my disposal only to find what an epic fail it was, a complete waste of my time. Then I searched online and found you guys I had my list alphabetized in seconds. Many thanks, great service, the only thing I would suggest is perhaps a browser extension be developed that would just be the icing on the cake! keep up the good work.

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Thanks to those who sent messages not calling me a stupid jerk. I'm glad you're finding The Alphabetizer helpful. To those of you using The Alphabetizer to do their English homework: I'm calling your teachers.

Special thanks to those of you who left donations or clicked on advertisements!

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