Alphabetizing a List Is Easy With The Alphabetizer

Sorting in Google Docs

How to put things in order in Google Docs:

If you're manually sorting your data in Google Docs, you're wasting your time! If you have a long list you want to put in alphabetical order in Google Docs, there's a much easier way!

  1. Go to your Google Docs dashboard, or just click here.
  2. Open up an existing Google document or create a new document.
  3. Go to the Google Docs add-ons tab and click "get add-ons." This is an important step as we will be installing an add-on in order to perform the sort.
  4. Search for "sorted paragraphs" in the add-ons list. Once the "sorted paragraphs" add-on appears, add it by clicking the +Free button.
  5. Now you're ready to create a list to sort. Create a bulleted or ordered list of the items you want to alphabetize.
  6. Select all the items in your list that you want alphabetized.
  7. Under the add-ons menu, go to Sorted Paragraphs and choose "Sort A to Z" for a descending list or "Sort Z to A" for an ascending list.
  8. That's it! Your items should be sorted now, although it might be easier to just use The Alphabetizer